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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Call for submissions
580 Split is seeking submissions for its 17th issue. Submissions will be accepted beginning September 16, 2014. 
This year 580 Split wants a status update from the Bay Area. Our cities are going through significant changes, and we desire to create a collective document recording how individuals and communities are being shaped by and responding to these changes. We seek writing and art for limited-edition printed booklets that we will group by category, and we are excited this year to invite work from a variety of media to our online multimedia journal: visual and digital art, interactive art, music and sound art, and video, in addition to fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.


We are considering status updates primarily through the following categories:


1. Technology: How is the growing local tech industry culturally influencing the Bay Area? How does the tech industry and tech cultures more generally interface with race, class, gender, sexuality, and on an intimate level with our private and personal lives?


2. Labor: Whose labor is visible, and whose invisible? How is labor changing with new cultural, technological, and economic paradigms?


3. Education: We want reports on or responses to the troubling shifts in priorities and educational climates that we note have been taking place in a number of Bay Area college campuses the past few years, not to mention the challenges faced by primary and secondary school teachers and students. Where is education happening outside the traditional classroom and what potentials do these other practices of education offer? Give us models of what education means in your communities.


4. Environment: The Bay Area has long been a hub for environmentalists, and yet we still face serious challenges to real or equitable “sustainability.” Send us your work that engages environmental issues that bridge the personal, local, and the global.


5. Art: Finally, how can artists and writers respond to all of this? We want your work that engages local conditions, that considers the transformative or activist abilities of art that foregrounds living here now.

We invite local writers and artists to submit visual, written, sonic, or video work that speaks to the local conditions of any of these categories.


Submission guidelines
We use Submittable to manage all submissions.  Sign up for free online.  Please do not send any submissions via mail or email: they will not be considered.

Do not submit previously published work.  We accept simultaneous submissions, however, please notify us immediately upon acceptance of your work elsewhere via the Submission Manager.  All rights revert to the author(s) upon publication.  Include your contact information in the separate box on the Submissions page.  Please do not include contact information (name, address, etc.) in the file of your work.  Unfortunately we cannot pay you for your work, but those accepted for publication will receive a free copy of the journal.
About 580 Split
580 Split is an annual journal of arts and literature published by graduate students of the English Department at Mills College. This national literary journal includes innovative and risk-taking fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art and is one of the few literary journals carried by the Oakland Public Library.  580 Split is also distributed in well-known Bay Area bookstores.

To view the current issue, visit:  http://www.mills.edu/academics/graduate/eng/about/580_split.php

For questions, contact:  five80split@gmail.com